bloom does...valentine's day 

lip service, part one

the bloom girls headed over to the bell tower to get the scoop on how to create the perfect red lip for this sultry season of love. and now we can show you how (and prove that red lip truly is for everyone, everyday) with two totally different kissable options made right here at home! dallas dished the tricks of the trade to get the perfect pout every time as we feverishly took notes and ooohhhed and ahhhed over all the NARS products.

first up: christin, a regular red lip warrior. dallas introduced her to a pinker hue, NARS mexican rose, which is  liner, lipgloss and lipstick self contained in one product! the rest is history.. 

[steps 1 - 3, clockwise]
1. condition those lips! dallas applies a no-color lip balm to fill in the grooves and smooth out the lip. any kind of balm - burt's bees to chapstick - will work. 
after balm is applied, blot with tissue to remove any excess or shine.

2. dallas lines the outside of the lip first, then colors in the rest of the lip with the pencil. 
see, we told you, easy peasy!

3. then she cleans up the edges with a sponge so you don't have to worry if you go outside the lines.

[disclaimer: christin is NOT a lip model, obviously..]
finished product! fun awesome fact: mexican rose gets darker on your lip as you wear it - as you can see above. fabulous!

so there you have it! a red lip in one step to add a little glam to your valentine's day and everyday. all of the delicious NARS products dallas used are available at the bell tower and we can't thank them enough for spending time with the bloom girls to create this love day lip guide! 
plus, if you really want to get spoiled and sassy, you can schedule your very own special occasion makeup appointment with one of their fabulous stylists. 
extra hugs and kisses to dallas for letting us get lippy with her!

next up...the red lip in three NARS products (don't worry, it's still easy, promise!)


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