bloom does...the best of berks

{outtake of bloom girl christin at last year's BOB event}

it's that time of year again dear berks countians! the best of berks survey is up and ready for the taking; bloom girl christin is excited! can you tell? spend a little time showing the local places you love some support and vote for them here. we can't wait to check back in six months and see who the winners are!

the bloom girls

stir one for me, please

stumbled on at monte lauro european gourmet's stand at fairgrounds farmer's market

raspberry • fig • tomato

cocktails, ice cream, custards, stews, marinade, salsa, dressing

just sayin'

bloom does indie shopping

it's doesn't need to be a hallmark holiday (yes, i called it out as a hallmark holiday, mother's day) to shop for mom ...  you ... your children ... gifties ...  for the sweet tooth or four legged buddies in your life.

be sure to stop n' shop the 
today from 9-3 
at the Wyomissing Public Library on 9 Reading Blvd

You will find paper art used as party accessories or cake toppers, handmade and up-cycled children's toys & play food, customizable jewelry and key chain tags, baked goods, printed cards and fun jewelry to fill sweater free arms.

Show some hometown love to local chicks who craft and create!

bloom does...high school.

the bloom girls made a special stop last friday at christin's alma mater to visit jan jack's professional foods class! (we swear we weren't just in it for mrs. jack's homemade tomato basil jam! but stay tuned for more on that.) why would we do that you ask? simple: there are SO many avenues to take in life if food is your passion - being a chef is not the only one! perfect example: phoebe. she talked to the class about her passion for good, pure food and where it got her to today. and christin noted of her love of entertaining and eating and sharing all of those experiences on her blog and through bloom. so we challenge you, bloom foodie lovers, how does your passion for food affect you/your actions/you agenda for the rest of your life? we'd love to hear.

bloom does...our first birthday!

can you believe we're one today!? we can't either! a heartfelt thanks for all the support and love you've shown us this past year - it's been such a fun ride! we have so much in store for you and can't wait to share more things, people and places that are lovely and local and all things bloom.

we're so excited in fact, we're doing a giant bloom giveaway this week over on our facebook page! check it out and best of luck - we hope you win!

in the mean time, we'll be celebrating with some cake and champagne, reporting back here with pictures of course so you can share in the celebration!

all of our love times one million!
the bloom girls

5 easter market must-haves

Easter ham from S. Clyde Weaver (bone in or not) or try the herb rolled pork from Rooster St. Provisions

phoebes pure food

Greek easter bread from Yasou! 

(serve with dinner or use for day-after, house guest french toast)

phoebes pure food

table love from Rohrer Family Farm Flowers & the cutest bunny sandtarts from Stoltzfus Homestyle Bakery

phoebes pure food

hostess gift from Pineapple House Creations... might I suggest a lovely market bag that can be doubled as a weekend getaway bag

phoebes pure food
where does bloom girl phoebe go when she wants to treat herself to a rather amazing grilled cheese and tomato soup, usually saved for celebrating very special occasions?  read on, dear bloom followers, to find out why she'll be heading back.

phoebe savors grilled cheese and tomato bisque at cafe BOLD